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CSA Sign Up

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  A CSA program with your local farm is a unique opportunity to invest in a farm’s harvest for the upcoming season.  With any investment, there are risks and rewards.  You are essentially investing a share or stock in the farm for just that upcoming season.  If the harvest is bountiful, your weekly CSA box will reflect that with a bountiful assortment of produce, meats, plants and flowers.

According to the Gallup Poll, Americans spend an average of $151 dollars a week on food.  For between $11 and $36 a week, Christner Farms can provide locally harvested produce, meats ,plants, and flowers.  Half of your yearly CSA investment is due by March 31st.   The remainder is due by the start of the of the season on June 1st.  Please see the 2015 Christner Farms CSA Registration Sheet for more details.

Christner Farms 2015 Summer CSA Registration Sheet